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The Old Bank Restaurant - Wireless Network Set Up

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Installation and adoption of Ubiquiti wireless network for The Old Bank Restaurant in Westerham.

Ubiquiti Set Up

I recently installed a full Ubiquiti Unifi set up in a restaurant called The Old Bank in Westerham, this set up consisted of a Secure Gateway Router, 16 Port (POE) Switch, 3 x UB-AC-PRO Access Points and a Cloud Key.

Guests - The guests now have access to a limited speed network, accessible through a tailored log in page with a company logo. This network will be only be available during restaurant opening hours to avoid unwanted out of hours access.

Staff - The restaurant staff have access to their own wireless network with unrestricted speeds, available at all times. All of the restaurants main devices will be connected to this network including printers, tills, Sonos speaker system etc.

The network is accessible remotely so most issues/faults can be resolved very quickly and without a visit. There are also no running costs, just an upfront cost for the products and fitting/adoption of the products.

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