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Home Support

We offer a wide variety of services for a huge range of technology and we have extensive knowledge of all platforms, from computers and tablets, to SMART TV's. The primary services we offer are setting up, troubleshooting and resolving. Please see our services below for more detail. 


We carry out on site laptop and desktop repairs on all brands including Apple, and although near to all jobs are carried out on site, if it is more suitable to take the equipment back to our office then we can take your computer with us and return it to you, usually at no extra charge. Whether it is a slow computer, hardware upgrades or something needs fixing, give us a call.


Setting up or troubleshooting network/internet based issues can seem daunting however with plenty of experience and knowledge, most issues can be resolved within an hour appointment and to avoid another visit we will happily educate you on how to prevent future problems.


We can build custom computers to satisfy your tailored needs, whether it's a high performance gaming computer or a computer used between a family for a variety of functions. Alternative to this we can provide a recommendation on popular branded computers with a specification that we believe will suit you the most. 


We offer repairs such as screen replacements, battery replacements and button replacements across a wide range of smartphones including all Apple products, from iPhones and iPads to MacBooks. We can usually have the phone back to you on the same day depending on when the phone is received.


SMART TVs are usually very reliable and fairly straight forward to set up, however they can also cause a few intermittent issue's with a household network. We can set up SMART TVs exactly how you would like them and provide a demonstration of where you can find everything you need. We can also help to set up accounts for catch up TV apps to allow maximum tailored use.


Computers are now used for storing masses of personal documents, pictures, videos and other important files. We can help to protect all of this to avoid any unexpected losses of data. We can also offer data recovery from retired computers and transfer data to new computers, as long as there is no extensive damage.